Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Big Cats Like Cardboard Boxes Too!

Lions and Tigers Play in Cardboard Boxes Just Like Big Kittens

The Dodo  By Ameena Schelling  10 November 2015

Some pet cats just can't get enough of cardboard boxes. They sleep in them, play in them and do their best to fit in them — no matter how small they are. But do lions and tiger love cardboard boxes as much as their domestic counterparts do?

The people at Florida sanctuary Big Cat Rescue (BCR) decided to find out. So they gave several of their feline charges their own cardboard boxes to play with — and lucky for us, the results were magical. 

So it turns out cardboard boxes are a magnet for all cat species. Of course, considering the strength of these cats, the boxes didn't last too long — but that's half the fun, right?