Monday, November 30, 2015

'Bye Little Pony ('Til Next Year)

 So Saturday was the season finale two-parter for  My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.  And it was a corker!  All the MLP baddies had at least a cameo, and Starlight Glimmer finally re-surfaced and led Twilight Sparkle a merry chase through time.  Each revealed past was darker than the last, and Twilight was "out-magicked" time after time.

Discord, Celestia and Luna clowning
Applejack working hard as usual - this time for the resistance
Resistance fighters Zecora and Fluttershy
Pinkie does super-digging with her sister, Maud
Queen Chrysalis and the Changelings take over for awhile...
Dasie gets armor
Castle group shot!

Starlight does "Hinny of the Hills"
Friendship triumphs again!

Dash's sonic rainboom makes it all possible

Spike gets quality screen-time
And the song at the end was awesome!
Great stuff!  But it seems like a loooooooooong old time 'til next season.