Friday, November 20, 2015

Does This Look Funny to You?

So what's the deal?

A friend told me yesterday that one of the new You Tube sensations is cat frightened by cucumbers. And you know what? He's right!


Ok, this is weird on more than one level.

First I have to ask, Why are cats scared of cucumbers? (And it isn't just cucumbers. Some of those alleged cucumbers were zucchinis.)

Go ahead - see for yourself.

Second, Why are people so motivated to not only scare their cats with cucumbers, but to video it and post it on the Internet?

Well, I suppose it's no weirder than people who like to video their dogs scaring themselves by farting, or attacking their own feet.

What? Oh, yes they do! Look:

What is up with those dogs biting their own feet? And why do the feet move toward the food in the first place. Yikes! But most of this stuff is kind of amusing in a twisted sort of way. But what about the compilations of "animals scared of nothing" etc. I once saw a compilation of "funny" catvideos that wound up with a cat fleeing in terror down the middle of a crowded street with a milk-crate tied to its collar by a string. The crate was fish-tailing back and forth, and the cat was running into things at speed. People on the scene were just cracking up at this poor, terrified creature. Why is that funny?

Maybe there is something wrong with me, but I just don't find frightened animals funny. OK, the cucumber cats are kind of funny. But what about all of those videos where people get their cats all hyped with laser pointers and run them into walls? Oh, yeah. A cracked vertebrae and/or a concussion are just hysterical!

The thing that really gets me about all these scared animal compilations is that the same people who delightedly make these videos, post them, and laugh themselves silly looking at their ilk, are the same people who will bring suit against a movie for showing a couple of fake Yorkies getting a giant safe dropped on them, or for showing a fake horse leap off a cliff.

Why is this funny?
Why is this?
photo:Isidora Ortiz Amaya
The first picture shows a dog literally running for its life.  The second shows a cat, fearful of a large dog. (see his head with lolling tongue in the upper left corner of the picture)  This kitten may be in no danger - but then again...  Show these pictures to people and many of them will find them funny.  

I like a good laugh as much as anyone, but these photos inspire no mirth in me.  But many will find them hilarious.  "Look how scared he is!"

Go figure...