Saturday, November 7, 2015

Maid Goes to Sheep

I have not put up pics of this until now at the request of the trainer.  There are always those out there hell-bent on misinterpreting anything to do with dog training or animals in general, and these types have made trouble for her before.

Here in California (and other places) there are always many who know nothing about dog training of any kind who are only too happy to jump up and start screaming about pictures they saw on the internet of "animal cruelty."

As a result, I altered the background and the images of the trainer in order to be able to post the pictures of my little collie in the round pen, without risking any possible aggravation for the trainer.  I showed them to her and she green-lighted their posting. 

I was favorably impressed with the trainer I went to, and she was kind and gentle with my novice dog, who has issues from being started too soon on stock, and handled far too roughly.  She was started on cattle before the age of six months and then discarded for being "no good."

After a 3-monthe rest in my home, I tried her on sheep - or rather, the trainer did.  And she responded beautifully.  Though generally a very sensitive and fearful dog, Maid lost all that in a moment when she "turned on" to sheep.  She still has issues, but I got a preview of the happy, confident dog she will certainly be in the future, while she was making the acquaintance of stockwork for the second time.

In the first two pictures Maid is sort of hot-dogging around the pen, but then the switch flipped and she settled down to her work.

Thanks so much to Joyce for her sensitive handling of Maid (and me!) We will be back!  And to Ruth and David for company and moral support.