Monday, November 23, 2015

Scientists and Cucumbers

If you aren't familiar with the "cat scared of cucumber videos" this won't make much sense to you.  Try watching the ones HERE and then proceed to the video below...

Thanks to Mary Anne Glazar for this one.

While we're on cucumbers...

Cats may be right to be scared of cucumbers.  They can have a sinister aspect.  For instance...

The Armenian cucumber has been known to become savage.  Swarms of these terrifying vegetables attack and overcome unsuspecting desert dwelling locals.

And then there is the Kappa of Japan.  OK, he's not a cucumber, but he is green!  And he likes cucumbers.

from: godchecker

These slimy demons will lure you into the river and suck your blood. You are unlikely to get out alive.

You will recognise a KAPPA from the bowl-like depression on top of its head. When filled with water, this is what gives the creature its power.

KAPPA are, however, extremely polite. So here is what you do. Bow courteously in the approved Japanese fashion. Naturally it will have to bow back and the water will tip out. The creature is then powerless until the water can be replenished.

That is not all. The KAPPA are crazy about cucumbers. They prefer cucumbers to blood. Bribe them with a cucumber and they will promise you almost anything.

Now here's a scary cucumber, for real.  Well, I guess I'd be pissed too, if somebody cut me in half and jammed me in a jar full of vinegar.

And just so you know - all cats aren't afraid of cucumbers...

Nor are all scientists:

and then there's this guy...

He's clearly a cucumber wrangler.