Friday, November 20, 2015

To Hell with Tradition - There Is No Excuse for this Kind of Cruelty

The Moment a Picador Abandons his Stricken, Blindfolded Horse as it is Gored by an Angry Bull

Fans paid between €12 and €120 to watch the picador battle the bull while riding a blindfolded horse

The Daily Mail  By Darren Boyle Published: 09:35 EST, 27 July 2014 
This is the terrible moment a horse was seriously injured during a bullfight after it was gored by the rampaging animal.

As the bull charged, the matador tried to stab it in the back with a spear but the bull continued its run, dropped its head and hit it in the barrel. 

The matador tried to hang on to his horse as the animal fell onto its side. The horse reared up, and was struck a second and a third time by the bull which had to be lured away from the scene. 

The shocking incident happened at the Corrida de Toros in Valencia, Spain.  

However, on this occasion, the picador was too slow allowing the bull a side-on attack.
Fans paid between €12 and €120 to attend the show.

Luckily, the horse was saved from serious injury and limped from the stadium after its ordeal. 

Bullfighting has been banned around Barcelona and has reduced in popularity in recent years. A recent opinion poll found that almost three quarters of Spanish people dislike the sport.  

The picador uses his spear in a bid to stop the rampaging bull from charging directly at his horse during the bullfight in Valencia, Spain.

Despite being stabbed by the picador, the bull continues his charge, hitting the horse in the side with its long horns, forcing it from its hooves.

The horse is twisted around 90 degrees by the force of the bull as the picador attempts to hold onto the reins as his blindfolded ride rears up.

The bull continues his attack, aiming his large horns under the horse's two front legs, tearing at the special padding designed to prevent serious injury.


The colourful banderilleros try to distract the bull as it continues its attack on the horse who is now lying on its back helpless and unable to see what is happening.


The bull attacked the horse for a third time who is trying to curl up and avoid the onslaught as the bystanders are virtually powerless to intervene.


Eventually the bull is coaxed clear of the scene allowing staff at Valencia's Plaza de Toros to inspect the horse and see if it has been severely injured by the attack.

One of the banderilleros cannot look at the horse as it lies prone on the arena's sand while a worker holds the animal's reins, trying to urge it to stand.

Eventually the horse stands upright and is able to slowly stagger from the arena with a heavy limp caused during the encounter.