Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Yikes!, That's a Big Cat!

This Cat May Become the Biggest in the World

Maine Coon is a breed of domestic cat. They're usually pretty big. The biggest specimens weigh up to 25 pounds—11.3kg. But Rupert here isn't just pretty big. He's huge. He's a "mega monster cat," according to the experts.

Heck, this thing can probably kill you if he decided to. He may become the biggest domestic cat in the world.

Rupert is now 20lb (9 kilograms) which is less than his biggest cronies. But he's only two years old. By three he will be much bigger, say the vets, growing to the point in which he would be at least 31 pounds (14 kilograms). Maine coons' growth levels at 9 to 14 months, and then they keep fleshing out till the age of 3 to 4.

For comparison, a wildcat like the male bobcat can get up to exactly the same weigh that Rupert is going to be. The Canada lynx goes only up to 24 pounds, while the Iberian lynx can reach 28 pounds. Only a male specimen of the Eurasian lynx would be bigger than Rupert, at 40 to 66 pounds.

Still, Rupert will be 31 pounds of muscle, teeth, and claws, a domestic cat of unknown origins who looks pretty much like a real lynx. I'm not sure if I could feel safe around one.
Stewie with his owner, Robin Hendrickson
The largest on record? As of October, 2010, there is a new cat in town! Stewie, from Reno, Nevada is officially the world record holder! At 48.5 inches (123.2cm) from tip of nose to tip of tail, five-year-old Stewie has become the worlds longest housecat, beating out the previous record holder of 48 inches. 

Feb 2013 Update: Sadly, Stewie lost his battle with cancer and died at the age of eight. This very special boy who traveled and worked as a therapy animal will be missed by many. RIP, Stewie.


Meet Lupo the giant 30 lb. Maine Coon cat. “He’s also extremely cuddly and doubles as a purring blanket in winter,” said Lupo’s human mom via reddit.

“I’m 4’10”, but he is still a pretty big boy,” she added. “He’s actually not quite done growing yet. Lupo’s almost three, and Maine Coons generally finish growing at five. He’s got time to become even more fluffy. He was the size of a ‘typical’ cat at three months.”

That may be a kid holding the cat, but even so...
Another strapping lad...