Friday, December 11, 2015

The Once and Future Stockdog

I cried about Maid going away, but we cry at happy endings too.  Think "Lassie Come Home."  What could be more sweet than the reunion of a boy and the faithful Collie?  And I bawl like a baby every time I see it.

It was sad to say a last goodbye through the window of Cindy's truck - "I love you Maid." -and see her dwindling silhouette as the truck drove off down the street.

But I thought of her in her new home - standing outdoors, unencumbered by leash or long-line - ears swiveling, nose working, to take in the sights and smells of the country.  Sheep!  Goats! Earth and sky!  Not a sidewalk or stranger in sight.

And she will have work to do.

Cindy said that Maid and Mitty romped hard for over an hour, in her big yard.

Maid is home.  And with any luck she will grow happier and lose all her fear.

I slept in today.  Last night I put Sugarfoot's toy basket on the floor in the bedroom before I went to sleep.  It has been put away for four months, as no stuffie lasts more than 5 minutes if Maid spys it.

When I awoke I looked over at Sugar, dozing on her bed and said, "Sugar, where's your shark?"  Sugar sprang up an pounced on the toy basket.  She brought me the shark, chomping the squeaker all the way to me.  Then one by one, I asked for Crab, Elephant, Big Bird, Lambie, Lamb Chop, Scorpion, Duckie, Monkey, Sheep, and all the rest.  She brought them one by one - getting the right toy the first time, each time.

When the basket was empty and all the toys had been squeaked, quacked, grunted and thoroughly shaken, she climbed up into the bed with me and snuggled.

I will miss Maid, the "once and future stockdog."  But Sugarfoot is my heart dog.  And always will be.