Monday, January 25, 2016

Creepy Shit People Do with Dogs

"Storm" Robot with a dog's head from the USSR.
From: funnyjunk

So, yesterday there was a front-page (#52?) post about the declassified documents of USSR experiments regarding dog-mechs, head-preservation and a some other creepy stuff.

Seeing that I can speak/read Russian, I decided to offer to translate it, if enough people wanted. 

Which they did.

Now, today, I wanted to check on the post, but it was (TELL ME WHY) removed...
I wanted to deliver though, (and well, internet points can't hurt) so I decided to search the glorious interwebs for the pictures.

I'm pretty sure I found them all, but if I didn't, please pm/comment me the remaining ones so I can translate them too.

(translations in green - click to enlarge pictures - ed.) 

More testing. Text is practically the same as on the previous picture, so look there for translations.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the result of my labor. It's a lot less interesting than many of you probably think, oh well.


And here we have a selection of mad scientist videos.  People will say it's all in the pursuit of knowledge to help mankind advance medical science.  Sorry, not buying it.  It's sick.  And if you don't have a strong stomach, don't watch.  And probably don't watch too close to bedtime even if you do.  

Scientist successfully re-animate dog's head.

 Two-headed dog created in lab.

More/ recap Frankensteinian weirdness with dogs

All this was triggered by a snippet from Terrierman's blog.  To wit:


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