Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The AKC - Wrecking Dogs Since 1884

The excellent photographs below represent the travesty that is the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.  Weird looking dogs getting weirder, perfectly good dogs being ruined. 

Some are nearly impossible to housebreak.
Some have skin that doesn't fit - with all the problems that entails.
Most are useless for what they were originally bred for.
Some have far too much hair.
Some has hair that takes 3 days to dry after a bath.
Some are tortured for the sake of a "perfect coat."
All go from useful to useless, inbred and achieve a cookie-cutter sameness.
Some are trimmed to look incredibly stupid.
And stupider...
And some are just dogs that would likely rather be somewhere else.
Hunters that can't hunt,
Herders that can't herd,
Protectors that can't walk,
Play-toys that can't shut up.

Thank you, AKC

Photos: AP, Reuters, AFP/JIJI

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