Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Back Yard Today

Little Mossy and the crab
 I read someplace that the way to get moss to grow on a cement ornament was to scrape some moss off a flagstone, wall or somesuch and put it in a blender with some buttermilk.  Spread the slurry over the statue and keep it damp and in the shade.

Never tried it.  Always thought it would smell bad.

The Jasmine blooms nearly year-round.  It's starting off with a bang this year.

My old friend...  I've had this Geranium for at least ten years.  People say they're common.  People say they get leggy and ugly.  People don't take care of them, I think.  They have a fresh, pleasant smell, and the red flowers are so vibrant.

Future Spider Plant

The lemon tree is responding enthusiastically to a winter with more rain.  It has a bumper crop this year.

My lovely assisstant...
Kalanchoe loaded with buds
Shy Oxalis flowers.
I never pull up the Oxalis until late summer when it starts to die back.  So many things that people regard as weeds are beautiful.  Oxalis in my neighborhood has flowers in three colors - pink, lavender/white and yellow.  

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