Monday, February 22, 2016

What? Again?

Amazon Just Upped its Minimum Purchase to Qualify for Free Shipping  By Dave Smith  Feb. 22 2016

Do I get free shipping yet?! 

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In case you didn't have enough reasons to buy Amazon Prime, here's a new one: Starting Monday, those without Prime will have to pay more to get free shipping.

Amazon has quietly raised the free-shipping requirement, meaning you'll have to add $50 worth of goods to your cart to get free shipping.

Before Monday, you could get free shipping with any purchases totaling at least $35, or any book purchases totaling at least $25.

This could attract new customers to Amazon Prime, the company's $99-a-year service that offers a host of sweet perks, including free two-day shipping on many products and access to Amazon's massive music, movie, and TV libraries.

Amazon Prime is a great deal for customers, but it's even sweeter for Amazon: Data shows that Prime members spend more—and more often—on than nonmembers. That's why Amazon is continually coming up with ways to get people to join Prime. Last month, it announced that Prime members would get 20 percent off any new video games for up to two weeks after their release dates.

You can learn more about all of Amazon Prime's perks here.

Then there's my Amazon pet peeve...  Add-on items.

Get the Add-on Items shipped without the $25.00 Minimum

Amazon's add-on items are very inexpensive, but they require you to order at least $25 of other items. If you want to get the item shipped by itself, Redditor Affinity2412 offers this hack:

Just add an unreleased (preorder) item in your purchase and check out. Since Amazon doesn't charge for anything until it ships out, you can get the add-on item now...and cancel the preordered item if you want.

There are caveats to this. First, your conscience might twinge at cancelling the preordered item—but you could just look for upcoming release you do want to buy. Amazon also says that add-on items are cost-prohibitive to ship on their own (i.e., it's not profitable for them). Finally, abuse this too much and Amazon might ban your account.

While it's better to just buy at least $25 of other stuff, if you somehow desperately need cheap markers or household goods and can't think of anything else to buy, this is one way to get it delivered now if you don't mind the above.


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