Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Zingers Are Cheap, But They Do Provide Amusement

I got a silly hat today.  I love silly hats.  As I was checking the mail a young white guy slouched up the sidewalk.  He stopped when he saw me in my silly hat.  He looked me up and down, made an ugly sneer and said, "This ain't Halloween, ya know."

I turned to look at him and said, "Yes, well, when you look like I do, every day is Halloween.  So, I can have a party all year long, whereas, you have to be content with simply being ignorant, unimaginative and rude, day after day."  I smiled.

Then I turned, closed the mailbox and went back inside.

On some days I might have let this little encounter get me down.  But not today.  After I got the mail, I came in and found an e-mail from a young person I met on the MLP Forums.  She has a phobia about loud noises - particularly popping balloons - and I give her a heads-up each Saturday that there is a new episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.  I warn her if there are sudden loud noises like balloons popping or thunderclaps, and what time they happen in the episode.

She had sent me a drawing that she did for me.  She said it was to thank me for helping her all last season.  The picture is of Pinkie Pie - my favorite pony - and I was touched to see her surrounded by her signature balloons. 

Life can be good, if one can just let it be so.  And friendship  - real friendship - truly is magic.

Thanks, Kageyuki!


Molly Kate said...

This is great! That picture is priceless ;-)

Christy Johnson said...