Saturday, March 19, 2016

Awwwww, She's All Growed Up!

It’s Hard to Imagine a More Charming Sight Than Emma Watson Beatboxing While Lin-Manuel Miranda Raps About Feminism

It sounds like a very good fever dream—Emma Watson learning to beatbox on the spot while Lin-Manuel Miranda improvises some bars about feminism. But it’s actually very real: In a video for #HeForShe, the two plop down on a couch and get to work. 

After a quick tutorial from Miranda, Watson handily drops a beat while Miranda freestyles about gender equality. Also, her face turns a very charming shade of crimson. Somehow, it’s no surprise that Emma Watson is a natural beatboxer—Miranda says it best as he raps, “Holy cow, this is such a meme/ Thank you, this is the beatbox dream team.”

Laura Bradley is a Slate editorial assistant.

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