Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Beware the Littering Smoker

Fuming smoker, 75, chokes boy, 6, in cigarette littering rumpus

Asahi Shimbun  March 22, 2016 

KAKOGAWA, Hyogo Prefecture--A 75-year-old man lost his cool here in western Japan and throttled a 6-year-old boy who was criticizing him for tossing a cigarette butt on the street.

The schoolboy was playing in the street when he and three other children, from first- to fourth-graders, spotted the man littering the street near his home on March 20.

“You shouldn’t litter on the street,” they told him among other words of condemnation. In response, the man grabbed the boy by the throat with both hands and choked him.

The man admitted to the charge of assault and said, “I lost my temper when they told me off,” 

Kakogawa police station revealed on March 21.

The students reported the attack to the police after confirming the man had returned to his home.

Another three of the children, who also told off the man, claimed that they were also grabbed by the smoker, according to the police.


This kind of thing almost makes me rethink not supporting the death penalty. 

OK.  He didn't kill the kid, but he did attack him for telling the litter-bug what he needed to be told.  

I know polite smokers.  Smokers who police their butts.  Smokers who don't act in smoking-related inconsiderate ways.  But it's still a lose/lose situation.  Those polite smokers I know and like are killing themselves with a drug that makes them smell bad.  That makes me sad.  I can't yell at them - it's their choice to kill themselves.  But it makes me very sad.  

The rude ones I just want to shoot.

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