Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cat Stuff

Cat Gloves for Smartphones that Wag Their Tails when You Swipe

Dear crazy cat ladies (and gentlemen), hold your breath because this is going to be good. The Japanese came up with touch-screen gloves that literally let you swipe with a cat’s tail.

Designed by Felissimo and YOU+MORE, the gloves are made from a suede-like material and have a fluffy inside, as well as conductive pads on the thumb and index finger that let you text in the coldest winter.

You can choose from 3 different kitties for US$36 (4,295 yen). Scrolling through cat photos while waiting for a bus never felt so pro! (S)wag.

Meet Zappa, Our Liquid ‘Bowling’ Cat 

Bored Panda  1 week ago by Lana Vermeegen 

Meet Zappa the cat! She has unconditional love for her bowl. We don’t know what it is but for Zappa it was love at first sight. One day we were making a salad and took the bowl out of the cabinet. After cutting some veggies we looked up and saw that Zappa was taking a nap in the bowl. Since that day she gets in bowls whenever she can.

Zappa is the best kitty of the world! She likes to cuddle a lot and is very social. When we come home after a long day she is so happy to see you that she chats with you while purring very loud. She is also super curious and is on top everything we do at home, no dishes get done without Zappa keeping an eye on us. At night when we go to bed, Zappa goes with us, this is something she has done since day one. And when it’s weekend and we don’t have to get up early, she has no problem with staying in bed a little bit longer.


Here’a another cool cat…  Not Zappa

And no, this isn’t Zappa, or even a cat…  But isn’t it a cool picture?

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