Thursday, March 31, 2016

Darwin Awards Finalist Loses Leg

WXIA - A Georgia man is seen shooting at a law mower that’s packed with explosives, moments before his leg is blown off.
Man’s Leg Blown Off While Shooting Lawn Mower Packed With Explosives
And video captured the entire incident.

The Huffington Post  03/28/2016  Nina Golgowski Trends reporter

A Georgia man’s leg was blown off while shooting at an explosives-packed lawn mover in a horrific stunt captured on video.

Authorities say three pounds of Tannerite — a substance designed for firearms practice — was loaded into the machine before David Pressley, 32, began firing away, WXIA-TV reported.

Video of the March 19 incident shows Pressley shooting at the mower in a wooded area while standing, uncovered, about 40 feet away. Two friends were with him, one of them apparently operating the camera.

After a final shot, Pressley is off his feet. Moments later,  blood is seen splattered across one person’s jeans.

Authorities say a flying machine part sliced off Pressley’s left leg, just below his knee.
“Call an ambulance!” someone yells. 

This video contains graphic images.
According to an incident report obtained by WXIA, two of Presley’s friends fashioned a tourniquet and helped him into a vehicle. They drove to a nearby roadway for help.

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office reacted in disbelief to the apparent misuse of Tannerite, a binary explosive composed of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder, which can be legally purchased in most states.

“He was dangerously close to the object containing the Tannerite when the final gun shot round caused it to explode sending a piece of shrapnel through his leg severing it below the knee. Yes, completely taking his leg,” they stated on their Facebook page, one day after the accident.

Tannerite’s website advises against anyone using more than two pounds of the substance at once. Used incorrectly, it can cause extreme damage and even prove deadly.

“Yes, it is legal and no, we can’t make people stop doing it. But why, folks, just why?” the sheriff’s department wrote of the product’s misuse. “Please adhere to the warnings and use this dangerous material with caution or maybe consider other less dangerous hobbies. It’s just not worth it for a loud boom!”

Last year, an 8-year-old boy was killed when he was hit by an oven door after the appliance was packed with Tannerite and detonated, News On 6 reported. 

Several YouTube videos document just how destructive Tannerite can be when other substances are added to the mix. An RV is torched in one video. An outhouse is blown up in another.

Tannerite, typically sold in small quantities, is legal in 48 states, and is non-incendiary. The ingredients, packed separately, need to be mixed up. Once it’s struck with bullets from a high-powered rifle, it will explode, creating a loud boom and a cloud of water vapor.

The purpose of Tannerite is to alert long-distance shooters when they have hit their target, according to the company’s website. 

 Who are these idiots?

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