Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Big Doodle

Photos Show What a Huge Part Dog Plays in Man’s Life

The Dodo  By Solon Kelleher  Feb. 26, 2016

We all know that dogs have larger than life personalities, but one photographer decided to dedicate a series to showing just how big a role his dog, Juji, plays in his life.

"We got Juji in August of 2014, and he's 1 year 8 months," photographer Christopher Cline told The Dodo.

Although golden doodles are typically about 2 feet tall, each photo in the series portrays Juji, and occasionally Cline himself, in variously impossible sizes.

Making the photographic effect look just right isn't easy work, but they both enjoy the process. "I think what Juji and I love most about making these is the fact that it has brought us incredibly close together," said Cline. "We've been working with each other for over a year now and we know exactly what we need from each other to make the day's photo work."

While the subjects' sizes always make the characters appear to be living in a fantasy world, the child-like sense of adventure and playfulness is very real between Cline and Juji.

When asked what his favorite photo is from the series, Cline shared the following photo with The Dodo.

"It just defines how I feel about spending time with my puppy," Cline said. "He is my best buddy and we have so much fun creating these together."

Below are several photos from Cline's series, including one photo that shows how you can create the mis-proportioned effect yourself.

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Unknown said...

Oh, but I'll bet he's glad he doesn't have to feed an animal that size!