Friday, April 22, 2016

Forbidden Fruit, er, Grain?

My back yard is tiny.  Let that be my first defense.  Second is, it's very enclosed.  It has either a very high fence or the side of a building on all sides.  There's one 8ft. run of chain-link, but it's heavily overgrown with Jasmine Vine.  So it doesn't dry out fast...

My crime is grass.  A blend of fescue seeds, planted by me, on April 14th.  The area that it covers is about 11 feet by 6 feet.  And it's sprouting.  It probably started sprouting about 3 or 4 days ago, but I first noticed it yesterday.  Turns out, if you look straight down at very new baby grass sprouts, you can't really see them.  They're too tiny.  You have to lean over and look at them from the side, and magically, they appear!

So, much celebration ensues...  The grass is coming up, even though the review of the seeds I bought said they wouldn't sprout.  (Personally I think I had Totoro on my side.)  

And then last night it rained.  Not too much, just enough to wet things down thoroughly.  And the grass loved it!  Rain-wet ground and mid-day sunshine made the sprouts redouble their growth.  

The white things lying on the ground are flower-petals from the Meyer lemon tree.  It's blooming like crazy, and the petals from the fertilized flowers fall all over the place.

Everything looks happy after the rain.  The cacti and succulents get a bath.

And the pink Gerbera daisies are all but shouting with glee.

But I am proudest of my little grass sprouts.  Even though we're not out of the woods, drought-wise, my little, sheltered plot won't need much watering.  And grass loves grey-water!

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