Saturday, April 2, 2016

Honduran White Bats

These Guys Look Like Furry Little Piglets, But They're Not

The Dodo  By Caitlin Jill Anders  Apr. 01, 2016

Baby pigs are probably one of my top five favorite things in the entire world, so when I came across these furry little guys, I was pretty mesmerized.

Behold, the tiniest, furriest animals ever.

These guys look a lot like little, fuzzy pigs ... but actually, they're bats.

Meet the Honduran white bats!

Honduran white bats are an extremely tiny type of bat, and only grow to be between 3.7 and 4.7 centimeters. Meaning all of these guys have reached their full size and will never get any bigger.
So cute. 

These bats live exclusively in rain forests in northern Nicaragua, eastern Costa Rica, western Panama and eastern Honduras. For shelter, these little smarties make tents out of heliconia plants, and share their tents with up to 12 other bats.

Up close, they look a little more like bats ...

... but are still just as cute!

Moral of the story? Honduran white bats should probably be your new favorite animal.


OK.  So Honduran White Bats are cute.  You just want to get some and stick them all over your sweater.  But your not crazy about the idea of them going… well… batshit, all over the angora.  Not to worry.  Get a needle-felted bat.  Nearly as cute, and no, well, you know.  See ‘em HERE  

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