Sunday, April 10, 2016

Looks Like a Psychedelic Husky to Me

Madrid-based street artist Okuda San Miguel recently transformed a grey 12-story building in Hong Kong into an awesome optical illusion for the HKWalls street art festival. San Miguel spent 4 days painting a colossal geometric mural that effectively turned the building into a giant, vibrantly colored 3D bear.

Entitled “Rainbow Thief”, the harlequin bear with a benevolent smile on its face appears to be emerging from the front of the building. San Miguel’s colorful mural both livens up the city around it and draws attention to just how drab the majority of the buildings are.
Visit Okuda San Miguel’s website or follow him on Instagram or Facebook to check out more of his kaleidoscopic artwork.

[via inhabitat and StreetArtNews]


This story calls the face on the building a bear.  Call me crazy, but it looks like a husky to me.  Who ever saw a bear with pointed ears?  

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