Monday, April 25, 2016

This Counts as Art & Weird (Really Weird)

Wounderland: Surreal World of Imagination, Nightmares and Taxidermy 

from: Bored Panda

Welcome to the weird and wonderful surrealistic universe of Mothmeister, called Wounderland. As passionate taxidermy collectors we reincarnate dead critters into fairy tale figures. We portray them accompanied by anonymous, lonesome characters.

We’re inspired by our own imagination, dreams, nightmares, and by other artists we collaborated with. Whether it’s the fabulous and famous stoned fox of taxidermist Adele Morse, the amazing, sculpted headpieces of Candice Angelini or the whimsy, extraordinary dolls of mixed media artist Annie Montgomerie.

As we live in a giant Wunderkammer, most of the animals are part of our private collection. Some of the masks we create ourselves, others are found on the web and pimped by all kind of things coming from our cabinet of curiosities.

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