Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Dog with a Job. Imagine.

Aww, the Obamas’ Dog Thinks It Is a Person with a Person Job
Slate.com By Ben Mathis-Lilley  May 31 2016 

Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

This weekend the Associated Press posted an important investigative report about the White House dogs, Sunny and Bo, from which I'd like to highlight two pieces of information.

One is that the dogs have an official schedule.

"Everybody wants to see them and take pictures," Michelle Obama said. "I get a memo at the beginning of the month with a request for their schedules, and I have to approve their appearances."

A schedule. For dogs!

The other thing is that Bo, who is a dog, apparently believes that he has a job. The job: helping National Park Service staffers, including head White House groundskeeper Dale Haney, monitor the local plant situation.

"He leaves every morning and he goes down with Dale ... and he's with all the National Park Service guys. And you'll see him, and he's like walking around with them, and looking at the plants," Mrs. Obama said. "I think he thinks he has a job because he takes it very seriously. So if I go out and see him, he kind of ignores me when he's with his worker crew people."

A dog with a job. Can you even imagine?!?

A dog with a job.  Oh yeah, that’s a tough one alright.

Let’s see…
Member of the French Urban Search and Rescue Task Force at the site of the collapsed World Trade Center after the 9/11 attacks.
How about police dog, bomb-sniffing dog, Seeing-Eye dog, cancer-sniffing dog, sheepdog, cowdog, search and rescue dog, emotional support dog, real-estate guard dog, cadaver search dog, goose control dog, hearing dog, assistance dog, emotional support dog, livestock guarding dog, penguin guarding dog, varmint dogs, drug-sniffing dog, bedbug sniffing dog, mine detection dogs, bird dogs and sled dogs.

Dogs have been medical research subjects, soldiers, astronauts, baby sitters, circus performers, movie television and advertising performers, guardians of homes, visitors and staff to/of nursing homes, beasts of burden (pulling carts and carrying packs), and oh yeah, man’s best friend.

Newfoundland Dogs were bred to rescue passengers from wrecked and foundering ships, Dalmations were developed to trot under carriages and protect the horses that pulled them, and even the Portuguese Water Dog allegedly once made itself useful to fishermen in Portugal.  (This last may simply be AKC propaganda - it wouldn't be the first.)

The person writing this article is either an uninformed idiot or simply unable to imagine much of anything at all.
Border Collie working sheep
Mixed breed dogs doing hospital visits.
Belgian Malinois mine-detection dog at work.
Jordan Reed and some his terriers, with rats they drove out of burrows and killed. Photo courtesy of Jordan Reed

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