Sunday, May 8, 2016

Designer Cookies

Graphic Designer Uses Design Skills to Make Cookies

Bored Panda  5/8/16 

Who do you want to be, a baker or a designer? To this question Holly Fox would answer "both". To her it's when you mix and match, that something interesting happens, and in this case it's not only interesting but also tasty!

Los Angeles-based graphic designer Holly Fox merges her passion for colorful designs with baking, and the results are these adorable sugar cookies: "I started baking about 5 years ago on a whim, to try and see if I could figure out this whole royal icing thing. Since then, I have been mixing many, many colors and piping many, many jewels…and I absolutely love it!"

If looking at it is not enough, you can head over to Etsy and get a batch of cookies for a... closer inspection.

More info: Etsy | Instagram (h/t: designyoutrustcontemporist)

Just for fun, I went to look at the Etsy site and was a little alarmed to find that a dozen of these undeniably cool cookies would set you back $42.00 to $84.00.  Yikes!

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