Sunday, May 15, 2016

Downing Drones and Danger Corn

Historical Reenactor Gets Medieval on a Drone Buzzing Overhead
Video shows him spearing the quadcopter out of the sky.

Drones weren’t around in the Middle Ages. Obviously.

So when one started buzzing over the Rusborg medieval reenactment festival in Russia earlier this month, a man dressed as a warrior took serious exception.

The gadget’s camera captured a video of a reenactor breaking away from a battle to hurl what looks like a spear into the sky.

The object strikes the quadcopter and sends it spinning down to Earth:

However, the man’s weapon was just a soft-tipped javelin. 

Therefore the quadcopter was not destroyed,” Pavel Semyonov, who organizes the event in the Lipetsk Oblast region, told Rossiyskaya Gazeta. “It just dropped to the ground.” 

Drone owner Gennady Tolcheev came under fire from some reenactors who said the quadcopter had no place at the event, UPI reports. The festival is so dedicated to historical accuracy that guests aren’t even allowed to wear modern underwear. 

But Tolcheev said organizers had given him permission to film, and the javelin-thrower has since voluntarily offered to pay for the minor damage he caused to the drone.

This video is kinda long.  The best part is the last few seconds...
Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Try to Eat Corn from a Spinning Power Drill
Food for thought.

Mom told you not to run with scissors. But eating corn off a power drill? That must have slipped her mind.

A YouTube video showing a woman in China attempting to eat corn with the help of a spinning drill is proving to be a cautionary tale for the rest of us.

For the first few seconds, all seems to be going well for the unnamed woman. She’s holding her mouth open, the drill is spinning and the corn is coming off the cob.

Then, things go horribly wrong. See for yourself.

Part 3 shows more close-ups of the bald spot, while Part 4 shows the woman eating dumplings with a large bandage on her scalp.

Part 5 is where it gets interesting (though not as interesting as attempting to eat corn with the help of a power drill).

The still-unidentified woman answers critics who suggest that she faked the stunt for attention.

The woman denies those accusations by showing her bald spot and tugging at the hairs around it.

“See? It is real!” she said, according to the translation. “I am not trying to do sensationalization. Don’t discuss my hair is real or not, please.” 

The woman’s attempt seems to be piggybacking of the viral success achieved by Eater Yang, whose attempts at power-drill corn eating were more successful, according to

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