Sunday, May 15, 2016

Nina Lee's Classy Vintage Dames

Women in 1940-1950s in Black and White Photos by Nina Leen 

Little is know about Nina Leen, the Russian born photographer that emigrated to the United States, and whose photos graced over 50 Life magazine covers. What is known is that she studied painting in Berlin, and that she also lived in Italy and Switzerland--but when she died in 1995, there wasn't even anybody who knew her exact age.

Despite the mystery surrounding her, Leen produced some memorable work, including an ongoing series featuring her adopted stray dog, Lucky, and a photo that was picked by Carl Sagan to fly aboard the Voyager space probe. She also has a keen eye for photographing youth, and this Bored Panda list features some of her best work. Which one is your favourite?

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