Monday, June 20, 2016

Hey! Lookit Dad


We’re so glad that Redditor resgestae always has her camera with her, because she captured this awesome moment simply while shopping at a Home Depot.

She titled her photo, “I know a good dad when I see one.” We couldn’t agree more.
Happy Father’s Day to all the superhero dads out there, both the ones proudly wearing their capes and the ones cloaked in their secret identities.
[via Neatorama]

Nothing says Happy Father’s Day to all you awesome dads out that like this amazing photo of Leonard Nimoy as Spock smiling at a practical joke on the set of Star Trek: TOS. Without Nimoy knowing, the crew had secretly made up his son Adam as a Vulcan child to surprise him.

We can only bring this to you because super fan birdofthegalaxy, Tom Redlaw, has been scanning and restoring 35MM film cells from blooper reels and other outtakes into sharable pictures. There are a staggering number of behind the scenes Star Trek shots on his Flickr page.

[via io9]

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