Sunday, June 5, 2016

Keep Your Gorranm Cat Inside

GPS Trackers Reveal Your Cat’s Adventures During the Night

Bored Panda  6/4/16  by Tom 

If you let your cat outside and think it stays near your house, think again. A recent research used GPS trackers to show the daily movement of pet cats and its results surprised their owners.

“When you speak to a lot of cat owners they say: “Oh my cat just sleeps on the end of my bed, it doesn’t go anywhere,” senior land service officer Peter Evans said. Turns out some of the cats have “gone three kilometres from home.”

“I thought Semi particularly would be just local — bottom of the garden or next door’s yard,” one of the pet owners said. He was shocked when he learned that Semi was going into bushland and “over the hill and far away.” The owner is guessing that the cat is “looking for food which is probably the primary thing because he’s usually around eight and a half kilos which [the vet says] is far, far too heavy.”

The survey was carried out by The Central Tablelands LLS at Lithgow, in central-west New South Wales.

And let's not forget how many birds, small mammals, lizards and the like your little "free spirit" is murdering while it's out cruising at night.  Not to mention the likelihood that it will be run over, taken by a coyote of pit bull, etc.

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