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Megumi Igarashi and Mike Scott | COURTESY OF MEGUMI IGARASHI 
‘Vagina artist’ Rokudenashiko to marry British rock musician Mike Scott

The Japan Times  Staff Report  Apr 22, 2016 

Megumi Igarashi, who calls herself Rokudenashiko (good-for-nothing girl), announced Tuesday online that she will wed vocalist and guitarist Mike Scott of The Waterboys, a British folk rock outfit.

Igarashi is currently on trial for obscenity.

“I would like to thank the police from the bottom of my heart for this relationship, because it all started when news about my arrest went viral,” she tweeted on Thursday. “For my wedding ceremony, I would like to invite the prosecutors who indicted me, as well as the police.”

In an email, Igarashi explained that Scott had contacted her in September 2015. He had seen news about her ordeal and sent an email of encouragement.

“Since then he’d been supporting my cause,” she wrote. “We met in person in February 2016. He’d come to Tokyo and we started dating during his 10 day-trip here. Since then, he’s come to Japan and I’ve gone to Ireland, and our relationship became more serious.”

Igarashi says she expects their home base will be in Ireland, where Scott lives now.

Igarashi was arrested in July 2014 for distributing “obscene” objects, namely sets of digital data comprising 3-D scans of her vagina. The data was suitable for output on a 3-D printer.

The scans were part of a larger online plan to raise money to build a kayak modeled on her vagina. She was released several days later but was indicted again in December 2014 for “displaying obscene materials publicly.”

rosecutors have asked the Tokyo District Court for a fine of ¥800,000, while Igarashi insists her art is not obscene.

The court is expected to hand down a ruling on the case on May 9.

Igarashi said aside from preparing for her book tour for the English edition of “What is Obscenity?,” she’s also currently involved in a film about her trial that will air at the post-verdict conference presented by legal defense group.

Megumi Igarashi, 44, addresses reporters on Monday with a banner that says 'partially innocent.' | SHUSUKE MURAI
 ‘Vagina artist’ Igarashi loses obscenity case over 3-D data but is acquitted over pop art replicas

The Japan Times  by Shusuke Murai  Staff Writer  May 9, 2016 

An artist was fined ¥400,000 for obscenity on Monday after distributing 3-D printer data of her genitals and said she plans to appeal the ruling.

Megumi Igarashi, 44, known by her pseudonym Rokudenashiko (Good-for-Nothing Girl) or — more bluntly — the “vagina artist,” was convicted of distributing the data over the Internet in October 2013 and March 2014.

She said she will appeal the Tokyo District Court ruling.

The data allows users to create precise replicas of her genitals. The data contained such detail that the court judged it to comprise an obscene object as defined by law.

The ruling added, the stunt’s artistic merit was too low to balance out its sexually titillating nature.

But the court acquitted Igarashi of a separate charge of “displaying obscene materials publicly,” namely exhibiting a vagina-shaped plaster artwork in a Tokyo sex shop in July 2014, because the item was made with colored materials and did not resemble a real vagina.

Prosecutors sought a fine of ¥800,000 for the obscenity charges.
In the trial, Igarashi maintained her innocence, calling her art a form of expression that was not intended to cause sexual arousal.

She told reporters after the ruling she was “happy” that the ruling partly acknowledged her artworks to be a form of pop art, as the public has often misunderstood her work.

However, she expressed disappointment at not being exonerated by the court.

“The ruling explained my artwork was OK because it didn’t look like real female genitals,” she told a news conference. “It still says genitalia are obscene objects.”

She said she plans to appeal to a higher court as she believes she is innocent.

A feminist and manga artist, Igarashi claims her artwork is intended to challenge taboos in Japan, where the vagina is considered obscene.

Igarashi was initially charged in July 2014 for distributing the 3-D data to donors of at least ¥3,000 to a crowd-funding project aimed at raising cash to produce a kayak modeled on her genitals.

She was released days later but was arrested in December that year for obscenity.

In April, Igarashi announced that she is engaged to be married to British musician Mike Scott, a singer and guitarist. She said she would move to Ireland, where Scott lives.

A book by Igarashi in English, titled “What is Obscenity?,” is available in U.S. and Canadian stores from Tuesday.

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