Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Persian Hulk

Meet ‘Persian Hercules,’ Iran’s Very Own Hulk
Yes, bro. He does lift.

The Huffington Post 06/28/2016  Photos: Instagram/sajadgharibii

Bulging with 342 lbs of sheer muscle, WWE hopeful Sajad Gharibi certainly deserves the title “Iranian Hulk.”

The massive 24-year-old powerlifter can reportedly lift a whopping 386 lbs — more than his own bodyweight. That’s pretty impressive seeing as a baby elephant typically weighs just over half that mass: about 200 lbs. Though for comparison, the strongest person in recorded world history, French-Canadian Louis Cyr, could lift more than two tons.

Gharibi, the self-proclaimed “Persian Hercules,” regularly enjoys frowning at the camera while flexing his enormous muscles for his 105,000 Instagram followers.

A healthy diet is surely important for strength. Has a pineapple ever looked so tiny?

What size shirt does he wear? XXXXXXXL?

Lifting heavy objects? No problem. Fitting into a car? Not so simple for the Middle Eastern Hulk lookalike.

Gharibi himself has proudly drawn comparisons to his green superhero twin.

Message received loud and clear. We promise not to make him angry.

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