Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tokyo Neko

Japanese Photographer Documents the Many Faces of Tokyo’s Stray Cats

With his pictures, Japanese photographer Masayuki Oki captures the individual personalities of the many otherwise anonymous stray cats that live in Tokyo's shitamachi area. His collection might be called busayan, which literally means "ugly cat", but the photographer has nothing but affection for his moggie muses.

“I want to travel the country photographing all of Japan’s lovely stray cats,” says the photographer. For now however he limits his setting to the shitamachi area of the capital, where he documents the streetwise cats as they fight, nap, and goof around for the camera. The photographer never reveals the exact location of his feline photoshoot, but if you want to keep up to date with his latest photographic exploits then you can add your name to the 48,000+ people who follow him on Instagram.

More info: Instagram (h/t: spoon&tomago)

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