Friday, July 29, 2016

Flying Tiger

 Today I had a brief visit from a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly.

He, (or she) was only here for a few moments, and put himself between me and the sun for most of that time.

Finally, he relented and went into the shade of the lemon tree where I was able to fire off a few shots, relying on auto-focus to capture him.  I had no time to hand focus, as 

he was flitting about in an erratic manner. like all of his kind.  

But I felt honored by his visit.  The Tiger Swallowtail is my second favorite butterfly.  I only like the Buckeye better.


Due to the brevity of the encounter, I got few shots, and none outstanding, but was able to tart up what I got with filters enough to make them presentable.

After he fluttered away, I took a few more shots of things in the yard, most especially the peapods that are forming on the peavines.  They are so delicate!  I want to stir-fry some, but I don't know if they
are safe to eat.  I will use the Google to try to find out.  I do love me some sweet, tender peapods...

The Daisies seem about knackered.  A few buds are coming on, but I don't expect them to much else this year.

The roses are coming along nicely, and not too much chewed by the 6-leggers.

The succulents really like the weather this year, as do the cycads, and they look wonderful.

The lemon tree is preparing a second wave of fruit, so I should have lots of lemonade for the hot weather. 

 Last night I heard crunching in the yard, and turned the flashlight to where the dog and cat were staring.  It was "my" skunk, who was completely unruffled by our scrutiny.  

He finished his morsel - I saw the bits of shell this morning - and trundled off to find more spoils.

He's such a big help! 
 So that's today's "Yard Report."
I'm off to rustle up a bowl of chili and a couple of episodes of 

It's a very good series.  A bit bloody, but they're Vikings, after all. 


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