Thursday, July 28, 2016

Poseur, in Spades

A Helicopter Crashed This Bride’s Photo Shoot and the Pic Is Insane
The definition of getting more than you bargained for.

The Huffington Post  Carolin Lehmann Editorial Fellow  07/27/2016

This bridal portrait will surely make the album:

The shot of a lifetime: a bride poses while a rescue helicopter zooms overhead. CM Leung

The pic, taken by photographer CM Leung in Iceland, depicts an Icelandic Coast Guard helicopter flying dangerously close to a bride posing for portraits.

According to PetaPixel, the chopper wasn’t a planned part of the shoot; it flew overhead on a mission to rescue a man who had fallen down a cliff.  An eye witness told PetaPixel the helicopter was actually a “relatively safe distance away.”

In the end, CM Leung ended up with a pretty dramatic shot ― and right in the nick of time, as the helicopter’s downdraft knocked the bride off-balance (and sent her veil flying!) seconds later. Check out the crazy moment and more from the shoot in the behind-the-scenes video below.


I’m sure people will think I’m just jealous, but, what the fuck?  To me this is a screaming, pissing, stomping case of conspicuous consumption.  I’m mean, who needs a making of video for a wedding photo shoot?  Shit!

I mean, good for the photographer/videographer.  He certainly earned his fee, and this bit of… what?  Serendipity?  Will certainly put him on any map he’s not already on, but damn!  This couple must think they are all thatPppplllllbbbtttttt!

I mean, these two will probably be scratching each other's eyes out in divorce court in a couple of years.  So what's it for?  Further proof that money doesn't talk, it screams.

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