Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Dash Is Back!

Hasbro Restarts Season 5 of MLP FIM with a Loving Poke at Fandom

After a hiatus of several weeks, My Little Pony is back on TV.  And this episode was a Rainbow Dash blue-tonium romp and a Derring-Do convention.  

Dashie meets a fellow fan named Quibble Pants.  (Yeah, I know…) 

Well of course, we know that Dashie is personally acquainted with A. K. Yearling, author of the Derring Do series of adventure fiction books.  Rainbow, (and we) also knows that Yearling is also a real-life Derring Do, and the stories aren’t really fiction so much as autobiographical.  

This is extra fun, following San Diego Comic-Con, and Pony fans will be up for it.  70% (so far) of the folks on the MLP Forums gave it positive ratings.  There are a couple of cranky-pants neigh-sayers, and nobody in between.

I liked it myself.  It renewed my resolution to go to a Pony Convention.  At 64, I'll be one of the creakier Bronies there, but what the hay?  What do we live for, if not to have fun?

I'm not the only old, fat Brony on the planet...  check out Patton Oswald (who voiced Quibble Pants) pretend not to care about MLP.

Patton Oswalt Explains "My Little Pony" - CONAN on TBS

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