Friday, July 1, 2016

The Red Horse Wheel in Osaka

Japan’s tallest Ferris wheel opens in Osaka

The Japan Times  Kyodo  Jul 1, 2016 

OSAKA – Japan’s tallest Ferris wheel started operating Friday at a large commercial complex in Suita, Osaka, Ferris Wheel Investment Co. said.

The Redhorse Osaka Wheel stands 123 meters high over Expocity, a retail and entertainment complex that opened last November at Expo ’70 Commemorative Park, the site of the 1970 World Exposition.

“I was scared but it was fun. I want to come here again,” Motonari Yamazaki, a 9-year-old elementary school student from the nearby city of Ibaraki, said after taking a spin.

Expocity had attracted 14 million visitors as of the end of May and is expected to break 17 million in its first year, complex developer Mitsui Fudosan Co. said.

The complex includes a shopping mall and a combined aquarium, zoo and museum.

With 72 transparency cabins, from your seat you can have full view outside even during floor space. It is really look like you are floating in the air. More than that, in 2 VIP cabin, there will be illumination design around your seat using special technique.

One cabin can lift 6 people in maximum. Total time for one round is 18 minutes with 1000 yen for one adult.

The Redhorse Osaka Wheel will be the fifth highest Ferris wheel in the world and will boast 72 passengers cabins - all with transparent floors

All 72 carriages feature transparent glass panels on the walls and floors, creating a see-through environment to give passengers the feeling of floating though the sky. The wide seats are designed to comfortably fit six people, with each carriage air conditioned in summer and heated in winter so customers can enjoy the views year-round.

See the wheel change colors as it rotates.

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