Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Balloon Dog Anatomy Model

OK, so I ordered one of these things.  It didn't break any speed records getting here, but I did get updates about its progress toward me.  

It wasn't cheap - about $45.00 - but, see, it's cool.  It's way over 20% cooler than ordinary models, and coolness, awesomeness and fun don't come cheap.  
Here it is! 

 It's 8 inches tall, fairly easy to put together.  It took me half an hour or so.  But you don't need glue, and when you get it together, it feels solid.  

So I say thumbs up to the Mighty Jaxx Co.  And I recommend their product.  They have some that are 4 1/4 inches tall, already put together, and costing about 20 bucks.  

Unfortunately, if you want a big one, most of the colors, including clear, are sold out.  They still have green and yellow.  

They have a lot of other stuff that is even stranger than the Balloon Dog Anatomy Model.  Here's something:

Rubber Duckie Anatomy Models!  So get on over to Mighty Jaxx and check out the cool stuff. 

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