Sunday, August 7, 2016

Go get 'em, Broderick

Pelican Takes a Long, Hard Look at His Choices
No one wants to wind up a jailbird.

The Huffington Post   08/06/2016 Hilary Hanson Viral News Editor

A pelican has become a viral star after winding up in a somewhat embarrassing situation on Tuesday.
California Highway Patrol received a report about an injured pelican on the interstate in the city of Truckee, they said in a Facebook post.

California Highway Patrol/Facebook

When they got there, it appeared the bird wasn’t injured, but he was posing a hazard flying between highway lanes and dodging cars.

Luckily, CHP Officer Troy Griesemer, who has falconry experience, was on the scene.

California Highway Patrol/Facebook 

”He looked tired from flying, so I knew I could get a hold of him,” Griesemer told the Sacramento Bee. “This isn’t the first bird I’ve caught. I knew what to look for, how he was going to react and how he would try to defend himself.”

The pelican took a ride back to the CHP office in the cruiser before being transferred to a wildlife rescue group.

We hope he’s able to stay out of trouble after this.

In case you're too young to get the title reference, "Go get 'em Broderick!," it's what everybody used to say (in the dark ages) when they saw a police car take off to chase some law-breaker down.  

There was an old TV show called "Highway Patrol."  It starred Broderick Crawford.    says:

"Highway Patrol is a syndication action crime drama series produced from 1955 to 1959.

Highway Patrol stars Broderick Crawford as Dan Mathews, the gruff and dedicated head of a police force in an unidentified Western state. A signature shot of the series is fedora-wearing Mathews barking rapid-fire dialogue into a radio microphone as he leans against the door of his black and white patrol car. Mathews growls "21-50 to headquarters" and the invariable response is "Headquarters by" (as in, standing by)."

Here's an episode.  It's about 26 minutes long

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