Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Keeping the Green in Guac

The Avocado Time Machine Keeps Guacamole Green
A solution to one major, major first-world problem.

[Avacado: litosing/iStock]

The second biggest challenge most of us face in our lives, after folding a fitted sheet, is keeping our guacamole green. Thankfully, the Australians have come up with a solution that is "set to revolutionize the global avocado market." The new technology even has a suitably futuristic-sounding name: Natavo Zero.

Natavo Zero promises to halt browning for up to 10 days, even after the avocado is cut or pulped. The process only requires that the resulting product is refrigerated so it doesn’t spoil.

As you may have guessed, this isn’t a technique for home use, nor does it protect the avocados that you and I might buy from the supermarket. Instead, it’s aimed at the processed-food industry, allowing manufacturers of foods like guacamole to make it without adding extra preservatives or additives like green food dye.

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