Thursday, August 4, 2016

More Fun with Season 6 GoT Screencaps

I've been doing Game of Thrones, Season 6 "immersion" for the last few days, and have been taking pictures of my screen as the program runs.  I don't freeze the frame.   That would be disruptive to the story and pedestrian in effect.  The camera is hand-held.  If I wanted clear, sharp screen-caps there are plenty on Google Images.  These are impressions, and impressionistic.  Fun!

My favorite ones have lots of motion in them, and the ones I like best come with fades/transitions, because I get a double-exposure effect.  

I clean them up in Photoshop a little - mostly using Free Transform to square the images up.  I do a bit of contrast tweaking and sometimes punch the saturation a little.  The effect is interesting to me.  It's sort of how my memories of the show are - fuzzy, and not all there.

Check it out...

When the actors hold still, the picture is sharper.  This is OK sometimes.  Besides, Ian McShane's character blew by so fast, I had to try to get him at a stillish moment.

 OK.  Truth time.  I did stop the picture for the one above.  I kept getting this white blob for the horse.  

 This is one of my favorite sequences - Tyrion un-collaring the dragons.  I like the 3rd one best.  Peter Dinklage rocks this role.


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