Saturday, August 6, 2016

What I Saw Today

Today I went out to do errands with a friend.  We went to a fabric store, an antique store, Pet Food Express, and Zipang - a Japanese dollar-store.  We also ate Mexican food at El Sol, a local Pt. Richmond eatery.  And we drove around some parts of Pt. Richmond to get some "post card" pictures for another friend.

                                    An "old" sign in an eatery...

Wisteria, above, and a painting by Doug Calderon, right.
 Part of the menu-board at El Sol

The intersection of Park Place & Washington Ave., Pt. Richmond, CA

Above and below are details of an amazing display cabinet in the antique store we went in.

This is part of a beautiful lacquer and mother-of-pearl panel in the same antique store.

Boats in Brickyard Cove, just over the hill from where I live.
Above and below: Miller-Knox Park, also just over the hill from my place.

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