Thursday, October 20, 2016

Lichen Katydid Rocks the Jungle

Today the Department of Awesome Camouflage is wondering if there’s any creature more impressive than the Lichen Katydid (Markia hystrix), an insect that looks like it’s actually made out of delicate lichen. It looks more like something out of a fairytale than a real-life insect, but that’s simply because the natural world is so freaking awesome!

Lichen Katydids are native to Central and South America. Wildlife photographer David Weller captured this mesmerizing footage of a Lichen Katydid somewhere in the Cartago Province of Costa Rica carefully making its way across some vegetation that looks like it might’ve grown from its own body:

Photos by David Weiller, RachelleSmith, Holguer Lopez, and Robert Oelman respectively.
[via Sploid]

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