Thursday, October 27, 2016

Painting with Bugs

Bug Man

A short documentary that peeks into the creepy and misunderstood world of Steven Kutcher. A strange child, he turned to insects for companionship. You’ll never guess how that evolved.

Director Iqbal Ahmed
DP Topher Osborn
Executive Producer Benjamin Lebeau
Editor Lauren Nicolette
Composer Mark Yaeger
Sound Mixer Brent Kiser
Titles Erik Denno
Colorist Bobby Maruvada
1st AC Alex Sherman
Gaffer Laura Jansen
PA Henry Hawkins

copyright 2016 Schoolfield Media

NOTE: NO bugs were harmed by Steven in the making of this video. He's a true friend to insects. Everything is completely non-toxic.

 Chrysanthemum (detail).

Sunrise 1, 2004 by Steven Kutcher, with darkling beetle

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