Saturday, October 29, 2016

Quit Complaining, People!

It's very wet in the back yard.  Raindrops cling to plants and chicken wire.

People are already starting to complain about the rain.  It's only November, and we are still in the middle of a drought.

How to people see themselves in relation to the world?  

Do they have any idea of how tiny our individual importance is?  Or, how can they not see how selfish and destructive our species is in aggregate?

The rain is a gift.

We are a long way from having "too much."  

And it's beautiful.

So you get wet.  So people drive like idiots.  The rain is a precious gift.

My plants are almost audible in their delight.

Green is the ascendant color.  It's vivid and so very alive.  

The snails are cruising everywhere.  (Curse them!)  

The birds preen their wet feathers.  

The flowers are beaded with jewels.  The dog stands at the back screen hoovering up the myriad smells unleashed by the wet.

Even the cacti seem pleased.  Though this is not their natural element. They glow and are crowned with constellations by the rain.

Count your blessings, folks...

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Yeah, I'm convinced the trees are jumping with joy while we're not looking. The air's cleaner, too. What the hell is wrong with people?