Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Random Cool Pics

Des Moines, US

A newborn eastern black rhino walks behind its mother at the Blank Park zoo  Photograph: Rodney White/AP (The Guardian)

El Jadida, Morocco

Horsemen perform during the Salon du Cheval in the port city of El Jadida  Photograph: Fadel Senna/AFP/Getty Images (The Guardian)

Battle, England

A group of re-enactors arrive in Battle, near Hastings, ending a 300-mile cross-country journey. 
(The Guardian)

Photograph: Tom Pugh/PA

Arizona, US

Matthias Dolderer of Germany flies over the Horseshoe Bend near Lake Powell during the transfer flight from Indianapolis to Las Vegas for the final stage of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship

Photograph: Predrag Vuckovic/AFP/Getty Images (The Guardian)

Awesome aerial photo of the Chicago skyline taken by commercial photographer Nick Ulivieri. The photo was taken during a helicopter ride after the pilot flew out over Lake Michigan to give the passengers a better view of the shadow of the John Hancock Center stretching out over the water. Uliveri later realized that the photo looked even more amazing when the image was flipped. (Archie Mc Phee's Endless Geyser of Awesome)

Ben Gwynne captured this moonbow on the moors above Skipton, North Yorkshire at about 19:40 GMT.
Lunar rainbows are formed when moonlight, rather than direct sunlight, is refracted by moisture in the atmosphere.
On Sunday, a Hunter's Moon - also known as a blood moon - lit up skies over the UK. (BBC)

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