Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Come On Down!

...To the Mom & Pop Gallery and repository of cool things you can't do without...

Your hosts, Jacinto & Kelly Castillo will be holding their massive Ninety-Nice Pieces of Art on the Wall sale, featuring the work of Brooke Fletcher and a host of other local talents.

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Ms. Fletcher is the creator of a gaggle of creatures (pictured above and below) that will engage, alarm, amuse and fascinate you.

Her work is in mixed media and reflects hidden depths of character in her creations.  

They put me in mind of a number of things - films ("Reservoir Dogs," "Tekkonkinkreet") and the often dour faces of her figures somehow manage to pry a giggle from my dark subconscious.  

They are skillfully rendered and employ a range of materials from fur to pebbles to enhance the creature's solid little bodies.

They are really quite irresistible.

Another Bay Area artist that 
has prints featured at the Mom & Pop is Eric Rewitzer, whose Lino-cuts
display such Japanese immortals as Gojira (that's Godzilla to many of you,) King Gidorah, and Rodan.  He also does lovely landscapes, both industrial and natural.

Eric Rewitzer

There is also a selection of murals, led by the infamous "Gats".  Which can only be seen in out-of-the-way places such as The Mom & Pop.  
 Come on down and meet  Jacinto and Kelly Castillo at 24 W. Richmond Ave. in beautiful downtown Point Richmond, and check out the range of art and photographic prints, art supplies, trinkets, jewelry, ornaments, apparel, tchotchkes and all sorts of other fun stuff.

For further details call: 510.730.1154  


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