Thursday, November 17, 2016

How Sweet!

Planned Parenthood Has Already Received 46,000 Donations From ‘Mike Pence’  by Lisa Ryan  November 17, 2016

Mike Pence.Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Planned Parenthood has received nearly 200,000 donations since Donald Trump won the presidency — and more than 46,000 of those were made in the name of Indiana governor and noted uterine legislator Mike Pence.

The vice-president-elect, who has yet to prove that he understands how condoms work, is vehemently anti-abortion and has an abysmal record on women’s health. He has also waged a long-standing war against Planned Parenthood. To show their support of the organization (and piss Pence off at the same time), people have been donating to Planned Parenthood in his name since the election. Pence will get thank-you notes for each of the donations.

Based on data provided to the Cut by a spokesperson, 23 percent of the donations Planned Parenthood has received since the election have come from “Mike Pence.” On Tuesday, the figure was 12.5 percent, or 20,000 donations out of 160,000 total. It’s so nice that, for once, Pence’s name is being used to actually help women.

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