Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Outstanding Travel Photos

Best Travel Photos of 2016 from Siena International Photo Awards

Bored Panda  by​ Iveta Pete

The Siena International Photo Awards is a prestigious photography contest that receives entries from over 100 countries around the world. Results for the 2016 competition have just been announced and below you can find a collection of our favorite award winners and honorary mentions.

The pictures span countless countries including India, China, Bangladesh, Turkey, Cuba, Myanmar and Bahrain. Leyla Emektar won first place for the travel category for her beautiful image of a strawberry-picker walking between colorful greenhouses in Turkey, while first place for the Open Color category went to Danny Yen Sin Wong for his shot of a Vietnamese woman making a traditional fishing net. The winning photographs are currently on display at the Siena Art Photo Travel Festival, a month-long exhibition called "Beyond the Lens" held in the city of Siena, Italy. The exhibition runs from October 29 to November 30.

In a small village in southern Vietnam near Phan Rang, a woman wearing a typical cone hat is creating a fishing net in their traditional manner. The manufacturing of handmade nets is still a typical Vietnamese activity for women which they carry on while their husbands are out fishing.

Phan Rang Fishing Net Making, Vietnam (1st Place In Open Color Category) Danny Yen Sin Wong

During a Dharma assembly in the monastery of Labrang Lamasery, due to the heavy snow, all the monks' robes were covered with a thick layer of snow. When a young Lama was looking back with a smile, the photographer captured his smiling face.   Jianjun Huang

A strawberry-picker walks between colourful greenhouses near Nazilli, in the Aydın province of Turkey.  Strawberry Greenhouses, Turkey (1st Place In Travel Category)  Leyla Emektar

Sprinkle Net (Remarkable Award In Open Color Category)  Fuyang Zhou

Magma, ash and gas erupt from Mount Etna in December 2015, rising to a height of several kilometres. The Power Of Nature, Sicily (1st Place In Nature Category) Giuseppe Mario Famiani

The mangroves are a unique and very important ecosystem on Earth. As in all the ecosystems, you can find an apex predator at the top of the food chain to regulate the good health of the ocean. In Cuba, I explored the mangrove and was able to photograph the American crocodile. Mangrove, Cuba (Honorable Mention In Nature Category)  Greg Lecoeur

On the sand dunes of Mui Ne, situated close to its homonym city in South Vietnam, three girls are walking along the slope wearing their typical cone hats and carrying their scales, creating beautiful lines and shade effects on the sand. Outlines And Shadows, South Vietnam, (Honorable Mention In Open Color Category)  Danny Yen Sin Wong

Water transportation plays an important role in everyday life in South Borneo.  Floating Market, Malaysia (3rd Place In Travel Category)  Antonius Andre Tjiu

Two women walking reflect their images on the water and give birth to the exaltation of the geometry and architecture of Sheikh Zayed's Grand Mosque. Women Reflection, UAE (2nd Place In Architecture Category)  Ali Al Hajri

A Bahraini Muslim woman carrying her son while taking part in the funeral of Isa Radhi, the Bahraini protester who was allegedly killed during Martial Law in Sitra Village, South Manama on March 22, 2011. Central Black, Bahrain (3rd Place In Open Color Category)  Isa Ebrahim

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