Friday, November 18, 2016

Really Good News!

The Kashia return to the coast  by The Trust for Public Land  November 7, 2016

After more than 150 years on a small, inland reservation, the Kashia band of Pomo Indians has at last returned to the California coast. 

Just a few hours north of San Francisco, the Kashia Coastal Reserve is 700 acres of redwood groves, wave-battered bluffs, and fog-swept prairie. Thanks to your support, it’s now permanently protected for the Kashia—whose ancestors lived here for thousands of years before the arrival of European settlers. 

We joined hundreds of people gathered at the newly established reserve this summer to celebrate, dance, pray, and feast in a blessing ceremony we’ll never forget.

 With access to their ancestral home restored, members of the tribe have a place to harvest and gather for medicines, food, and ceremonies. A traditional management plan will help restore the health of the forest. And plans are in the works for an extension of the California Coastal Trail, which would link the public to the reserve through Salt Point State Park.  

For Kashia like Billyrene Pinola, who’s lived her entire life on the reservation, the reserve restores a connection to her family's heritage.

“I don’t know how else to explain it: it’s like a home I’ve never been to before, but I can feel,” she says. “I know this is where I belong.”

Billyrene Pinola, third from left, raised her family on the Kashia reservation.Photo credit: Terray Sylvester

Get the full story behind the Kashia Coastal Reserve and see more photographs of the stunning landscape in "Home at Last," our feature story in the latest issue of Land&People magazine. 
Thanks to Mary Anne Glazar for sending this my way!

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