Monday, November 7, 2016

Upside-Down Chicago & Above Iceland


Inverted City Beneath Clouds
Image Credit & Copyright: Mark Hersch
Explanation: How could that city be upside-down? The city, Chicago, was actually perfectly right-side up. The long shadows it projected onto nearby Lake Michigan near sunset, however, when seen in reflection, made the buildings appear inverted. This fascinating, puzzling, yet beautiful image was captured by a photographer in 2014 on an airplane on approach to Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. The Sun can be seen both above and below the cloud deck, with the latter reflected in the calm lake. As a bonus, if you look really closely -- and this is quite a challenge -- you can find another airplane in the image, likely also on approach to the same airport

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Flying over Iceland (Part. II)  


It's been over a year i haven't published anything , i haven't worked on any project despite i was accumulating tones of footage . i needed a kind of break. 

In early 2015, i made a big "jump" and decided to buy my first drone a DJI phantom 2. Straight away, i "run" to Iceland and did my first aerial footage there during the cold january 2015 .These footage will be part of my upcoming project : "Flying over Iceland .Part. I . 

The part II is a collection of aerial footage shoot over Iceland during my last trip in September. I was focus to fly in the highland… center of Iceland , trying to get some less seen footage. 

Watch it HERE

Entirely shot with the Phantom 4.
Music : Lisa Gerard "In Exile"
Hope you will enjoy. thanx for all the comments, sharing, likes…

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