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Why Are People So Mad About This?

Barron Trump Autistic? Rosie O’Donnell Asks If Donald Trump’s Son Has Autism, Causes Outrage

The Inquisitr  Nov 25, 2016  Heather Tooley

Rumors were already out there about Barron Trump being autistic, but Rosie O’Donnell just fanned the flames. She went to social media and asked if Donald Trump’s youngest son has autism. It’s a question drawing outrage from the public. Rumors that Barron Trump is autistic persist despite the fact it’s never been revealed by his parents that he’s on the spectrum.

Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell have feuded for years, though it ceased during his presidential campaign. His only reference to her was during the first Republican presidential debate in August of 2015 in which Megyn Kelly called out the president-elect for his penchant for calling women slobs, pigs, and other unsavory names. He was quick to say that he was solely referring to Rosie O’Donnell in every instance.

O’Donnell loves children and raises several of them, so why would she venture to speculate on something so personal about Donald and Melania Trump’s son? The comedienne and former co-host of The View watched a seven-minute video called “Is Barron Trump Autistic? 

#StopTheBullying,” in which it points out certain characteristics associated with autism were detected in Barron’s movements at the Republican National Convention in July 2016. Footage contains an array of clips of Barron clapping, fidgeting in his seat, walking with his family, and standing on stage with his father during his presidential acceptance speech.

The video creator analyzes Barron Trump’s seemingly “autistic” behavior as he claps with his hands moving “erratically” without touching each other, “making strange movements in his seat,” walking “wobbly,” and demonstrating “anti-social behavior” while on stage during his father’s acceptance speech as president.

In the video, Barron was extremely tired at all of the events he was attending. He was up late and listening to talk that most 10-year-old’s would find extremely boring. People are trying to diagnose a child under these circumstances.

No one in the Trump family has confirmed or denied that Barron is autistic. There were scenes in the video of Donald Trump making statements about vaccines and its possible link to autism when he voiced his opposition to so many children receiving large doses of them in one doctor’s office visit, witnessing doses so large he thought they were more appropriate for a horse instead of a child.

Trump shared that he’s personally known children to be administered the vaccines only for them to suffer high fevers and be diagnosed with autism later on. Trump claimed these were friends of his who have children on the spectrum. There are estimations that he was also referring to his own son at times, but it’s sheer speculation.

As expected, Rosie O’Donnell has received backlash for even mentioning Barron Trump, let alone giving credence to the idea that he’s autistic. She made it clear that she wasn’t singling out Barron as anything but “beautiful’ and an “angel” in another tweet. She added that NYC has great autism programs with inclusion for special needs children.

O’Donnell declares that she’s simply asking this question about Trump’s son because it’s a chance to bring awareness to autism and that there’s no shame in the disorder.

The rumors about Barron Trump having autism were also active after Melania told Parenting magazine about how particular he is about his room’s decor and that he enjoys playing alone for hours. More facts about Barron and what Melania had to say are revealed in the Inquisitr article.

O’Donnell is being slammed for “exploiting” Barron Trump by trying to “out” him as autistic. Even if there were any merit to her suspicions, people are outraged that she’d bring attention to something that’s none of her business. When someone is on a celebrity platform, their words on social media are seen by millions and end up in headlines when they ignite and engage in controversial discussions.

Since the future president’s old feuding partner has added to rumors that Barron Trump is autistic, it’ll be interesting to see if he responds.


OK, no one is harder on gossips than me.  They do untold harm in the world and erode their own character and reputation.  Gossip frequently shade into outright lies, and after listening to the corrosive, breathless whispering of a gossip, one wonders if their next conversation will contain similar fantasies, exaggerations and bullshit about oneself.

But though Rosie O'Donnel's question about Barron Trump could have unintended fallout for young Barron, I think there is a good reason to consider it carefully.

Autism is on the rise.  Chances are - especially if you live in a big city - you know at least one Autistic person.  The same is true for Asperger's Syndrome. 

Coping with Autism and Asperger's can be challenging.  Not everyone is up to it, but the worst thing that can be done about it is hiding it, denying it and seeing it as shameful.  

I don't know if Barron Trump suffers from either syndrome, but I have noticed that he seems very uncomfortable with high-pressure public events.  This was most clear to me during Drumpf's acceptance speech.  I felt very sorry for him at that time, and wondered how his parents could have subjected him to so much pressure.  

While Barron's reactions to high-stimulus situations might simply be the distress any very sensitive child would feel.  Or it might mean something else.  I am not qualified to judge.  But what I saw on that's child's face was deep discomfort, and I see no reason not to ask why.

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